Stephanie biddle

Stephanie is a Canadian jazz musician. She spent her early childhood in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec. Her father was Charlie Biddle, a Montreal-based jazz musician. Career She began modeling when she moved to Montreal at age 15, and began her music career fronting the cover band Living Proof, which performed at weddings and local clubs between 1987 and 1989, mostly pop and jazz standards. 

Her career took off after she gained the support of a record producer in Paris. Her single “Dis-moi” (1991) reached #11 on the French pop charts. Still, she did not obtain a record deal in Montreal, and for several years spent the winters singing in Le Gosier, Guadeloupe. Biddle has also worked as a model and actor, with engagements on the European and North American “catwalks”, along with some 30 film roles and television appearances.  

Her film debut was in 1979 in a Montreal teen film, Crunch, and she appeared along with her father in the 1988 film The Moderns. She starred as the lead female role of the Opera of Normandy’s La Haut in Rouen, France, and was featured in the movies and soundtracks of Hollywood film productions such as The Whole Nine Yards alongside Bruce Willis, and VH1‘s Diva’s Christmas Carol where she performs with Vanessa L. Williams.  

Biddle also performed in One Eyed King, a film directed by Crash producer Robert Moresco and starring Armand Assante. She also had a major role in the 2001 French-language film Karmen Gei, “a re-make of the classic movie Carmen the definitive femme fatale of Bizet’s classic opera”